Manage. Market. Maximize.

Ankor Management focuses on high-quality professional real estate management and marketing services for investors located outside of the United States. Maximized returns, property protection and an organized workload — that is the Ankor advantage.


The Ankor Advantage.

Maximized Returns

Ankor will increase the efficiency of your property in order to optimize your rental income while simultaneously decreasing your real estate property management workload. We have a longstanding history of minimizing the effort and increasing the income of our clients.

Property Protection

Ankor clients receive full-service realty property management from our experienced team of Investment Managers. We work proactively to protect your investment through a wide-range of services: selecting high quality tenants, overseeing properties, and much more.

Stay Organized

Our team strives to minimize the workload of our clients by simplifying their role. Clients are able to easily communicate with account managers and have access to monthly investment statements and all documents from anywhere in the world.

THE TOOLS A Powerful Management Suite.

The Ankor platform provides a robust online realty management services tool that gives investors on-demand access to their portfolio of properties. With language and contact preferences being customized to each investor, Ankor clients have the comfort of knowing exactly what is going on with their investment at any time.

MOBILITY Wherever You Are.

As an Ankor client, you will have access to your entire investment portfolio wherever you are. Our high-quality platform allows for 24/7 mobile access and ensures an ease of use across all devices.

Our mission is to maximize investors’ returns through hands-on, proactive and professional property management and real estate services.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT Calculate The Ankor Difference …

A property with a $ monthly rent earns $ ? more per year with Ankor real estate management services than a self-managed property.

Self - Managed


Ankor is one of the few real estate property management companies based in the United States that provides investors a fully turnkey solution for overseas real estate investment. We handle all aspects of realty investment services from physical realty property management, to maximizing investment results, to tax and advisory services.

Communication Is Key

We believe the most important thing for real estate management companies to provide their clients is communication. We find that too often, investors are simply unaware of how their property is doing and want a sounding board. Also there is a tremendous need for education of the local market and processes, which we also handle. We bridge the gap between the overseas investors and the local markets. Here are our main assets in terms of communications with our clients:

  • We have multilingual staff with extensive experience in real estate property management services as well as maximizing real estate investment income.
  • We integrate all of our communications through each investor’s preferred communication method, including WeChat.
  • Our investor portal (coming soon), which will also be translated into each investor’s language of choice, and gives current, on-demand insights on their investment performance.

QUESTIONS Real Estate Management Services vs. HOA Building Manager

An important question we often encounter among investors is “What is the difference between a real estate management company like Ankor and a building management company? Do I need both?” In many places in the United States including in NYC, the HOA or Strata will hire a building management company for the entire condominium. Ankor is exclusively an owner’s agent and acts on behalf of the individual’s real estate investment interests. So, yes, there is a need for both.

Real Estate Management Services vs. HOA Building Manager


Holistic Real Estate Management Services

Ankor helps to advise clients on the best possible way to structure their investment and maximize returns. We don’t just offer physical property management, but real estate services with a holistic approach from start to finish. We focus on effective daily realty management services and also keeping in mind the ultimate strategy of exit, whenever that may come.

Signature Concierge Services

We also have a concierge service that assists clients whenever they visit their properties in the USA. Ankor acts as their point person for anything they may need, and many clients even request our help with hotel or restaurant recommendations. We always strive to make our clients feel as welcome and appreciated as possible, and this is especially true while viewing properties and meeting our team.

Ready to maximize your property investments?