Manage. Market. Maximize.

Ankor Management focuses on high-quality management and marketing services for investors located outside of the United States. Maximized returns, property protection and an organized workload, that is the Ankor advantage.


The Ankor Advantage.

Maximized Returns

Ankor will increase the efficiency of your property in order to optimize your rental income while simultaneously decreasing your workload. We have a longstanding history of minimizing the workload and increasing the income of our clients.

Property Protection

Ankor clients receive full-service property management from our experienced team of Investment Managers. We work proactively to protect your investment through a wide-range of services: selecting high-quality tenants, overseeing properties, and more.

Stay Organized

Our team strives to minimize the workload of our clients by simplifying their role. Clients are able to easily communicate with account managers and have access to monthly investment statements and all documents from anywhere across the globe.

THE TOOLSA Powerful Management Suite.

The Ankor platform provides a robust online tool which gives investors on demand access to their portfolio of properties. With your language and contact preferences being customized to each investor, Ankor clients have the comfort of knowing what is going on with their investment.

MOBILITYWherever You Are.

As an Ankor client, you will have access to your entire investment portfolio wherever you are. Our high-quality platform allows for 24/7 mobile access and ensures an ease of use across all devices.

Our mission is to maximize investors’ returns through hands-on, proactive and professional property management.

RETURN ON INVESTMENTCalculate The Ankor Difference …

A property with a $ monthly rent earns $ ? more per year with Ankor than a self-managed property.

Self - Managed

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