Green Living: Ways to Make Your Investment Property More Sustainable

Green Living: Ways to Make Your Investment Property More Sustainable

Making your investment property more sustainable is a win-win scenario in most cases. Not only will it help to attract more potential renters, but going green can also increase the overall value of your property while also helping you to save money in the long run. To that end, here are some green tips you can use to make your investment property more sustainable.

Tip #1: Use Low or Zero VOC Paint

When preparing your property for the rental market, choose low or zero VOC paint for you remodeling purposes. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, can be toxic and are not good for the environment. As such, it is becoming increasingly common for renters to request low-VOC paint. Luckily, there are many low and zero VOC paint options available on the market today, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding some great colors to use for your property.

Tip #2: Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows can help to decrease the heating and cooling costs of your building. If installing new windows is not in your budget at this time, consider caulking and weatherstripping your windows to make them more eco-friendly.

Tip #3: Install Energy-Efficient and Low-Flow Appliances

When choosing appliances for your rental property, look for those with the EnergyStar designation in order to cut down on energy use. You can also make the rental more energy-efficient by installing LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs. Not only do LEDs last longer, but they do not contain hazardous liquids, solids or gasses.

Similarly, low-flow appliances can help to reduce water usage in your rental. With showers accounting for 17 percent of residential indoor water use, you can significantly reduce water waste with a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow toilets will also significantly reduce water usage in your rental.

Tip #4: Offer Bicycle Space

Providing space for bicycle storage and parking will encourage your renters to use their bikes whenever possible. Not only will this help them to save money, but it also reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emitted into the air. A growing number of renters are looking for rentals that make biking an easier option for them to use. Other biking amenities to consider for your rental include storage racks, bike lockers and being located near to a bike repair shop.

Tip #5: Introduce Green Programs

To make your tenants especially happy while also demonstrating your commitment to go green, consider starting eco-friendly programs such as a recycling program or a community garden on your property. If you already have a recycling program, take a closer look at it to ensure that it is as simplified as possible. Partnering with a building services company that specializes in recycling solutions may help you make your recycling program more efficient and effective.

Similarly, you can provide space for your tenants to enjoy creating a community garden. Not only does this increase the beauty of your property, but it will make your residents more vested in the property as well. In addition to benefiting from fresh vegetables and fruit, the garden can also help to reduce pollution and can even be beneficial to local wildlife.

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