Simple Tips to Upgrade your Rental Property

Simple Tips to Upgrade your Rental Property

Upgrading your rental property can go a long way toward helping you to command a higher rent and making your property more profitable. At the same time, you don’t want to go so overboard with your improvements that the costs are not worthwhile. With these simple upgrade tips, you can get the most bang for your buck without investing too much effort along the way.

Tip #1: Create Curb Appeal

First impressions are key when it comes to attracting potential renters. Therefore, it is important to create curb appeal within your rental property before you put it on the market. To create curb appeal, make sure the siding is clean or freshly painted. All clutter should be removed from the property and the lawn should be properly maintained. Adding a few flowers or other simple landscaping will also help to make the property more appealing to those who are considering it for a rental.

Tip #2: Upgrade Light Fixtures

Upgrading the lighting can help to give your rental property a facelift while also making it more energy-efficient. Ceiling mounted light fixtures can usually be easily replaced without any rewiring. Simply swapping out light bulbs in existing lighting fixtures can also help to change the brightness in a room, thereby changing the overall look of the space. Upgrading to smart lighting can also help to make your rental more appealing to potential renters.

In addition to upgrading the light fixtures themselves, you might also want to consider replacing light switch plates. This simple upgrade can help make the property look newer and more modern. To really attract potential tenants, consider upgrading light switches with dimmer switches and USB outlets.

Tip #3: Give the Walls a Fresh Appearance

Applying a fresh layer of paint to your walls will help to give it a fresh, new look that will be sure to appeal to potential tenants. As you are painting the walls, consider adding trim to help make the walls really pop. Border trim as a baseboard, a chair rail for wall trim or crown molding can help to create a more refined look without costing too much to complete.

Tip #4: Make Simple Kitchen Upgrades

You don’t have to install brand new appliances or rip out your old cabinets in order to give your kitchen a facelift. Rather, simply installing new cabinet handles can go a long way toward making the property look less dated. Swapping out faucets can also give your kitchen a new look while also increasing water-efficiency.

Tip #5: Give the Bathroom a New Look

The bathroom is another room that can be very costly to upgrade. Luckily, you can give it a new look without having to invest hundreds of dollars. The same kitchen trick of replacing cabinet handles can work wonders here, as can changing out the faucet. You might also want to consider upgrading the showerhead to one that is more water-efficient while also giving your shower a more updated look. Installing a new medicine cabinet and mirror can also be relatively inexpensive while also giving the bathroom a more appealing look.

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